Measure Pro – Measure Pro


The Measure Pro system is modular and scalable, so you can customise it to your needs. We don’t ask you to fall in line with a rigid system; the system is tailored to your needs instead. Design your own workflows and apply your own business rules by using the building blocks and application functionality we provide. The Measure Pro system will adapt to them. Have customised workflows delivered to your field force as as when they need it, when they arrive at a location, or when they check in to an appointment, to guide them through their workflows and checklists. A centralised and standardised system consistently applies your company’s particular business rules and administrative procedures to everything your field force does. With everyone singing off the same song sheet, there is no duplication and no moving goalposts.

Banish all those eventualities that eat up your time and frustrate your staff. With a live feed to a simple mobile app, your field staff, whether it is a rep, merchandiser, salesman, courier or storeman, has a virtual assistant to get them through the day, keeping their appointment book full and their agendas at their fingertips. No more fumbling around. Customise the workflow precisely according to how you do business. Your staff won’t believe how easy it has become for their day to flow.

You don’t just want to know your product is on the shelf. You want to know what it looks like, right there, sitting between your competitors’ products. The placement and quality of promotional materials and products can be far better judged when you can see what the end result looks like. Build in workflows that require photos to be taken of all the things you never get to see. Maintain continuity and control, from the photo of the empty shelf and the placement of the new order, to the delivery of the order, the loading of the stock and the replenishment of the stock. Get flagged in real time when a step is missed. Any photo can be searched by location, user or date range. Never fly blind again!