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Hey Kids. Be ready to join your favorite math teacher to learn math playing interactive math games. Kids math buddy is a free preschool math learning game for early math learning of kids. In this kids math teaching app, you will learn math playing cool math games especially designed for kids. The junior math learning made interactive for kids which includes Math 1 class, Math 2 class and Math 3 class. Be a math monkey and learn math in an interesting interactive way and feel like a king of math.

Nowadays, kids spend a lot of time on mobiles and tabs playing different games and using fun apps. This preschool junior math learning app engage kids using funny graphics and sound effects so that kids can spend their time learning math while playing different math games which will result in early math learning for kids before even they go to their math school class. This math learning game also allow parents to keep track of their kids math learning progress by accessing a password protected dashboard. There are many early learning preschool math games out there which teach junior mathematics to kids but most of the junior kids math learning games and apps are so complicated that kids stop using those apps and gets bored too early. To make this early math learning process easy for kids, we have added different animations and sound effects to our fun math games for kids so that they would spend more time playing these free maths games for kids. There are several junior mathematics game in a different fun environment where you score higher by answering math questions and solving math puzzles. Master all the math operations and become a junior math king.

Kids Math Number Recognition:
In this section of kids preschool math learning fun games, kids learn to recognize numbers and their sounds by seeing the number and some cute animals and objects next to that number.
Kids Math Number Sequence:
In this interactive kids math learning game, kids learn the sequence of numbers. There are several interactive sequence learning math courses with kids included in this section.

Learn Counting for Kids:
In this section, kids learn to count objects. There are objects shown to kids along with counting sound so that they can memorize it visually as well as listen to it.

Addition Math Learning:
In this section, kids are shown number with addition operation and they have to choose correct answer from a choice of answers given.

In the subtraction math learning games, there are multiple answers given for the subtraction operation and kids have to choose the correct answer to go to next level.

In multiplication learning games for kids, multiple cute animals and objects are shown to kids for and 4 answers are shown on screen. Kids can choose the answers from the given choices and the level will only be cleared if the correct answer is chosen.

Learning Sections:
Numbers Recognition
Number Sequence Learning
Counting of numbers

This app is very use full for kids to learn math playing free fun preschool math learning games for kids. It is the best option to learn all maths operations for kids from grade 2 and onwards.

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