Match Cards – Cards Matching Pro Version – Preeti Mohata


MatchUp is a colorful card game(also known as Match up cards, Pair up, Concentration, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso or simply Pairs) where you have to match up all pairs of cards in as little moves as possible. It seems super-simple to play but actually requires sharp visual-memory skills. This fun and funky concentration game will keep you mentally on your toes!

Ok, so your goal is to match up all pairs of cards. Once you match a pair, the cards will be removed. You need to get all the cards removed in as little moves as possible.When cards are turned over, it is important to remember where they are. When you start playing, getting a match is just luck, but once you start recognizing the character’s positions, your razor sharp remembrance skills should kick into play and from then on getting a match will be super-duper simple!

This game features:-

* It enables saving last 5 game scores (Player’s name and the turns taken).

* It offers various categories(smileys,celebs,birds,animals and flags).

* Concentration game notifies you if you exit accidentally.
* Has cool background music and sound effects.
* You can turn on/off game’s background music and sound effects anytime.
* View the high scores from the main screen
* No IAP and much more….

A great way to strengthen you memory or activate it.Have fun!