Mandrake Town – Supertree Co., Ltd.

▶ A healing life in the forest!
A healing life with the neighbors of my town, who have returned with reinvented looks!
You can also meet the town’s new residents, only in Mandrake Town~!

▶ My town, becoming more beautiful the friendlier I become with my neighbors!
Listen to the Mandrakes’ requests and build up more Goodwill.
When you become friendly with Mandrakes, their houses will get a fancier look to make the town even more beautiful!

▶ I’m interested in the stories of all you Mandrakes with all your different charms!
Some Mandrakes have their very own stories to tell!
If you become friends with them, they’ll tell you their secret stories~
If you’re curious about the stories, Go Go Go right now to Mandrake Town!

▶ Fun things should be enjoyed with friends!
Choo choo~ You can take a train to visit your friend’s town and also bring a gift.
Your friends will love it if you write something nice in the Guestbook~!

[Minimum Spec]
OS 9 / 2G RAM (iphone 6S) / Resolution 1280*720