Magic of Cypheria Lite – Carlos Nunez Rodriguez

Embark on a wonderful adventure to save your sister from an evil dragon by using the magical power of maths! You will need all your wits and quickness of mind to defeat the monsters and save the realm. Cast powerful spells, use magic items and recruit companions while you level up and explore the kingdom of Cypheria.

Practice Math in a different way. Instead of simply solving problems, you will need to find the closest number to a target using your knowledge of math!

Defeat monster bosses with interesting strategies. Plan strategically when to use your items or powers!

Three levels of challenge, so everyone can play. The hardest setting will challenge even the quickest of minds!

Over 50+ levels that you can replay to get better items and find secrets.

Level up to discover magic items and spells.

Discover the evil dragon’s plans in a thrilling adventure of wits, fun and deception!

This is the demo version of Magic of Cypheria. You will be able to play the first part of the story, level up to a limit and try some of the items. If you like it, consider buying the full version!