Lubn – Lubn Inc.

LubnBox is the world’s first 4G/LTE key box for property owners, managers, realtors and B&B hosts to remotely manage key exchange activities and more. It gives the property managers the freedom to intelligently manage the property access by Lubn’s patented system and also gives the freedom to the guests so they can check-in or check-out anytime within the scheduled hours with no app installation.

The key features of Lubn App include:
You decide who can access your property. Simply add your guest’s phone number, set the permission level and the time of check-in and out.

Timeline and Calendar views provide you with full visibility and control of your access schedules.

Automated notifications will remind your guests and service providers of when to check-in/out; while informing you on guest check-in/out in real-time.

With a quick glance, you will know if the Key Magazine has been returned, or learn how long before LubnBox batteries need to be replaced.

Intelligent summary views help you understand and improve the performance of your rental business.

View and manage all your properties in a single app. You are always in control of all of your properties with Lubn App.