Loqut – Talk to each other – Domenic Schroeder

Do you want to give a tour through your business, but your voice must be boosted in order to reach all participants?
Do you want to translate to a group, but translation-devices are not available or the normal tourguide-systems are too expensive and involved?
Do you want to talk with an older person, but the environment is too noisy?

Then this app is right for you! Easy, simple, working –> Loqut.
This app is only the receiver.
There is no need for an infrastructure – no internet connection or others, only your mobile. Locally a Ad-hoc-Wlan is created without a connection to the internet. No mobile data or existing wifi is needed. Just use your earphone, press Start and lets go. No configuration. The speaker needs to install the Speaker-App and everything is ready.
Everybody can just use their own device.

ATTENTION: This app will NOT work without the Speaker app. This one is only a receiver.
Easy, simple, working: loqut.ch