Logophile’s Delight – BlackFireTiger


Logophile’s Delight™ is an unconventional, single-player word game that’s easy to pick up and hard to put down. It’ll take quick thinking, mental stamina, and strategic use of all of your resources in order to rise to the top! Are you a true logophile?

– Game mechanics are easy to understand, but difficult to master
– Simple tap controls
– Streamlined interface
– Concise tutorial teaches you all you need to know in order to play in just a few minutes
– Only have a minute of free time? There’s a play mode for that!
– No ads, no lockouts—just play!

You should play Logophile’s Delight if you:
– Love words
– Adore books
– Enjoy writing
– Have OCD
– Are smart

You should not play Logophile’s Delight if you:
– Fear words
– Hate reading
– Detest writing
– Have OCD
– Are dumb*

*Unless you want to change this condition, in which case playing Logophile’s Delight may** help you get smarter.
**BlackFireTiger™ does not make any guarantee as to the ability of Logophile’s Delight or any other game to enhance your mental acuity.