LOGO 2: Discover – profax Verlag AG


To develop and improve preschool skills in a playful way

LOGO playfully supports and encourages children aged 3 to 7 in the development and improvement of cognitive skills. The program prepares children for a successful entry into school. Those who master the 10 modules are well prepared to start with reading, writing and calculating.

Motivating learning in three stages
Three levels of difficulty help the children to gently engage in a topic. At the entrance of every level, the children learn the process and requirements of an exercise in the most simple way. Success is guaranteed. This motivates them to tackle and master the challenge of the next two stages.

Always know where you stand
The exercise menu continuously documents the learning level. The children always know which stages of the 9 exercises they have already worked on – and how successful they have been.

The modules
10 modules are planned in the LOGO series. Each module contains 9 exercises focused on an important topic.

Already implemented:
• LOGO 1 – Colors and Shapes
• LOGO 2 – Discover
• LOGO 3 – Complete

• LOGO 4 – Directions
• LOGO 5 – Combine
• LOGO 6 – Classify
• LOGO 7 – Symmetries
• LOGO 8 – Series
• LOGO 9 – Patterns
• LOGO 10 – Amounts

Fields of LOGO: promotion in early childhood, special education and nursery school or at home