LogBook Evident – Doozer Software Inc.


Evident makes it easy to collect data and photos to store safely in the cloud.

Be more productive with Evident, LogBook’s mobile app. Designed specifically to make capturing notes and inspections on the move easier and more organized.

The easy to use interface keeps things simple. Add basic notes to specific logs with ease. Capture a photo to bring clarity to your notation.

No more bulky clipboards to carry around during your inspections. Build out your streamlined inspection templates within LogBook for Evident. Evident pulls them in for quick access in the palm of your hand.

Touch and go functionality makes inspections go smoother. Capture in depth notes for team collaboration. Take and attach photos throughout your inspection to provide every visual detail. No more guessing, everything is made clear.

Sync your notes and inspections directly into LogBook where it is stored securely in the cloud and accessible to your team from anywhere in the world.

With EVIDENT you can:

• Create operational notes and photos on the go with or without connection
• Capture inspection data on the move
• Take pictures and attach them with notes to your inspections
• Sync your notes and photos in the cloud with LogBook
• Stay organized and connected to your team within LogBook

Don’t have a LogBook account? Visit https://logbook.doozer.com/#/signup to create a free account.

LogBook is a safe way to collect, organize, store and share operational notes. Easily build logs for documentation and collaboration within your organization. Create custom templates to make your processes more streamlined.

Easily record important notes throughout the day with Evident. This easy to use mobile app is a must have for all industries that do any type of periodic inspection.

Capture photos and attach them to your notes. Share them with the team to provide a clearer picture.

Sync your notes, photos, and inspections directly into LogBook. Now everything is in one place and easy to find.