Livly – Richard Gray

Buy one and get one free at top restaurants. Find places where you’d like to eat, use the app and a main dish is subtracted from the bill. Currently available in Oslo.

When opening the app you must register either with your phone number or through facebook.

Once completed you will see a list of all the places currently offering Livly discounts. Map view is also available. You will now register your credit card. If you have a discount voucher enter it when registering the credit card.

When you click on one of the places you will see the three vouchers that can be used on one venue.

When ordering the bill click on the voucher and inform staff. Staff enters a four digit code. After the success page is shown, the cheapest main dish is subtracted from the bill.

Other features:

Change payment method

Contact details for Livly

Sign out

Cancel subscription

Delete account