Litboxed – Litboxed Pte. Ltd.


LITBOXED is a platform based in Asia that has been crafted to bring unique attire to market for the fashion conscious individual. Our pieces represent the collective of like-minded folk globally who believe that style comes from a place of originality.

Sell, Share, Buy and Connect with us. Together let’s create a generation of wardrobe naysayers that says distinction with a capital D.

As a seller, use our iOS app, put your most lit pieces into the best light and list them on LITBOXED. It’s just a few clicks away from your phone.

As a buyer, you will use our mobile app to discover rare finds and negotiate the best price with the seller. You can save searches for later and if a rare item becomes available, we will send you a notification.

Asia is one of the most diverse places on earth when it comes to fashion. With LITBOXED, this awesome community is going to get the voice it deserves. Join our mailing list today and we will let you know as soon as our apps are ready!