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Level is a perfect destination for all you exceptional beings to convert your talent into copper. This is a market place for people to Learn and Earn. Proficient users can register themselves as tutors on any Topic, Art, Passion, Skill, Sport or anything that is talent. Are you good at something for which you were never rewarded? Do you have a talent which is not related to academics? Are you a topper in the class and are looking at making a part-time through your knowledge? You hold a good grip on a sport and would like to share the best tips to train others? Or, you have a handful of experience in a particular industry or a firm and would like to share the best practices? Well, this is a perfect platform for you. Level also provides an opportunity to explore and learn different languages from different Regions across different Countries and also earn through the same. And users willing to learn can explore the wide range of topics or skills that we provide and simply book a session with the available tutors, be it online or in-person.

Level is an application hence built to connect students, professionals, passion freaks, part-time addicts and people with any skill from any corner of the world and share knowledge. As a tutor, you can quote your own price per minute.


1. Become A Tutor – Choose your skill

2. Explore what’s new to learn

3. Search for a Tutor to Learn a Topic, Sport or Skill

4. Pay Per Minute and quote your price per minute

5. Build Your Profile

6. Online and In-Person Tutoring

So what’s the delay, download the app and make an earning through your passion.

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