Levantine Arabic Verbs – Tim Whiting

View over 700 Levantine Arabic verbs, with participle forms, maSdar, and all conjugations in present and past tense.

Verbs collected for the Levantine Arabic dialects:

● English definition + appropriate prepositions
● Search for verbs in English and Arabic
● View verbs grouped by verb form (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII,VIII, IIX, IX, X)
● Browse verbs grouped by category
● Save a list of your favourite verbs

Each verb includes:
・English definition
・Associated subject, object, and preposition
・Active Participle
・Passive Participle
・Verbal Noun
・Past tense
・Present tense (without ب) prefix
・Present tense (with ب prefix)
(Conjugated for: I, You (masc), You (fem), You (plural), We, She, He , They)

For ease of learning – verbs are organised into:
・Daily verbs
・Intermediate verbs
・Advanced verbs

And further grouped by the following categories:
・Daily routine
・The home
+ more


For the full Levantine Arabic Dictionary, download the app *Essential Levantine Arabic* – which contains all the verbs in this app, along with:
・900+ nouns
・300+ adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions
・200+ adjectives