LearnNoW – Olaf Husby


LearnNoW is a beginner’s Norwegian course for speakers of Arabic, free of charge.

It has no advertisement or in app purchases.

There are 12 chapters in the LearnNoW app, each one focusing on a few specific themes, with some variations and extensions in each text. This way, there will be some new elements and some repetition in all the texts.

All chapters have the same menu structure. The four topmost items lead to texts about Alex, Ben, Cecilie and Dina.

Recommended work approach.

1. Start at the top with Alex, read the text.
2. Select Vocabulary, learn the new words.
3. Listen to the sound track as you read the text.
4. Select Grammar for an explanation of the grammar you will need in the exercises.
5. Now go back to Alex and do the exercises.

Once you have completed these steps, you can proceed to Ben. Work here in just the same way, before proceeding to Cecilie and Dina.

LearnNoW contributors and authors: https://www.ntnu.edu/learnnow/info/team