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Genre: Education
Release Date: May 14, 2019

Learning games consists of 6 adorable educational games. It addresses various topics such as: musical instruments, coloring books, shapes and colors, puzzle, farming etc. There also has baby phone game! Learning games has endless possibilities to keep your kids busy with very useful and engaging games!

•Piano: By playing interesting piano, kids can learn music and get their musical sense trained;

•Coloring: Various pictures and colorful brushes are provided, kids can use these to show their unlimited imagination and creativity.

•Baby phone: Kids can interact with different lovely characters through the telephone simulator, and at the same time, they can learn numbers in a happy way;

•Shape and color: Facing different shapes and colors, kids need to use both their hands and brains when playing the game.

•Farming: Lovely chicks and various plants will bring kids close to nature;

•Puzzle: By re-arrange the scattered fragments to patch up the complete picture, kids can get their visual discriminating ability trained and enhance their understanding of the integrity of things!

These elaborate games can help kids understand the unknown world, improve their memory, judgment and thinking abilities. While training kids to coordinate their eyes, hands and brains, it also promotes brain development. Learning games is ideal for you to accompany and enlighten your kids!
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