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Bellabeat, Inc.
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: July 8, 2015

NOTICE: App only works with the Leaf hardware.

The Leaf app is the official app for the Bellabeat Leaf health tracker. The app reads all the captured data from your Leaf device and translates it into useful data so you can improve specific aspects of your daily routine and shape up your health. The app is also famous for the most creative motivational notifications, so it’s quite fun to use it.


– Track your activity throughout the day and get useful insight into your routines
– Track steps, used calories and walking distance


– Track and improve sleep
– Identify the length of light and deep sleep modes you’re in
– Track sleep quality (Learn more about the correlation between the quality and duration of your sleep, and the amount of movement you make during sleep)

– Take control over stress and reduce it with meditation and breathing exercises
– Track your breathing in real time
– Choose between meditation (Deep Sleep, Inner Peace, Energy, Confidence, SOS, Focus, Menstrual Discomfort) and breathing exercises (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
– Make use of the special exercise to focus on achieving your maximum (Focus like Lolo Jones)


– Track your menstrual cycles
– Learn how to keep physical balance during your period
– See the effects of menstrual cycle on your activity/sleep/breathing


– Set wake-up or contraception pill alarms
– Inactivity alert will vibrate if you are inactive for some time (change sensitivity via Inactivity alert level)


– Set you activity, sleep and breathing goals and achieve them with the help of the Leaf


– Sync steps data measured by the Leaf to the Apple Health app. This service is optional.
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