Lao Keyboard by Typany – Theme – Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

– A.I. Typing of Lao:Built-in Lao & Thai & English with smarter autocorrect and prediction.
– Photo Keyboard: Brand new feature now available to the Laos. Background, button, font, sound, tap effect can be customized to personalize the Keyboard.
– Emoji X: Hundreds of new emoji options, along with a plethora of mysterious symbols & pictographs. All you have to do…
– Cursor Movement. Most people probably can use 3D Touch to move the cursor with their iPhone default keyboard, but not for Lao People. Typany allows Lao people to enjoy the function like the default Keyboard — precisely position the cursor and easily edit the text.
– Quick Text & Clipboard: Texts you frequently used can be saved by choice, and texts you copied can be saved automatically. All the saved texts can be sent just with one tap.
– Built-in Translation: As the first iOS built-in-translator keyboard, you can write in your native language and get instant translation in any language you want.
– Left-Handed Mode: A new and unique keyboard mode designed for left-handed users with ‘return’ and ‘backspace’ key on the left side of the keyboard.
– Contacts: Bothered by jumping between apps just to look up a friend’s number? Try the new Contacts function in Typany, and never stop a conversation for someone’s number again.

Download NOW! Enjoy typing, WOW your friends!

1. How to set up Lao Keyboard?
1) Download Lao Keyboard app.
2)Open Lao Keyboard and follow guidance.
3) For iOS 11 users:
Go to iPhone Settings > Lao >Keyboards, and turn on “Lao Keyboard” and “Allow Full Access”
4)For users whose system version is lower than 11:
Go to iPhone Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add new keyboard, and tap Lao Keyboard, then turn on “Allow Full Access”
*Note: Full access lets you use emoji you created with Emoji Maker and other functions. No personal data will be sent to Typany.

2. How to add languages to keyboard?
1) Go to iPhone Lao Keyboard app > Settings
2) Tap ‘Languages’, and you will see all the available languages.
3) Tap ‘Download’ corresponding to the language you want to add.
4) When the download is completed, you can switch to the language by tapping the globe button in your Lao Keyboard.

Typany does not collect any personal data. We take your privacy as our priority.

We are a team striving to create the best keyboard out there on the market. Your support is what drives us.Please let us know how we do, and what we can improve upon! We would be honored if you write a review, or contact us in any way.