Kuldiga – Explore Hansa – Kuldiga Municipality

The Hanseatic town of Kuldiga is a small, medieval city surrounded by untouched nature that hosts unique cultural events. This city is a hidden treasure and certainly one of the most charming cities of Latvia, hailed by painters as a “”painting to covet””. Kuldiga is not only a beautifully alluring city, it is also home to Europe’s widest waterfall at 249 meters. For two weeks in April and October you can observe the salmon jumping up the wide, yet low falls. Over the Venta river you will also find one of the longest brick bridges, which is 500 feet long and was built in 1874. Stroll through one of the medieval neighbourhoods (and the only remaining one in the Baltics) that was built during the 17-18th century around the small river.
The same river goes on to flow through the city and ends up flowing right between buildings, which is what gave Kuldīga the nickname of the Venice of Latvia. Walk through the picturesque and quaint city, and enjoy the cosy taverns and hearty meals of the city.
Go on an adventure hike along the old narrow-gauge train tracks, take a boat down the Abava or Venta rivers, or fish in the plentiful lakes.
In the summer, taste locally made wines in the wine cellars – one of the few elements that have been preserved from the original fortifications, which were built in 1242, along with a few sections of the fortress walls.
Enjoy the charming combination of history, the countryside and city, all in one.