Kuber – The KuberApp Network Pty Ltd (as GP for The Kuber Village LP)


Kuber runs on the goodwill and generosity of your community. Within the Kuber Village help is free, it costs nothing to be kind. We firmly believe that village life was meant to be fair. Every time you care for a village kid, you earn Karma points, and vice versa. This way everyone in your village can be confident that the balance of help is fair, and no-one misses out!

When you sign up for Kuber simply let us know who your trusted friends and relatives are through Facebook or by adding them directly. We will then create your own Kuber village for you.

Tell us when you need help during school holidays and times you have other commitments. Then let us know when you are able to help out other villagers. Once we understand what everyone in the village needs, we can get to work!

Requests for help can be targeted to specific people, or sent as a general SOS,such as when you’re running late for school pickup! Your village will be able to receive your help request as a notification on their phone, and in return notify you that they have this one!

Get in touch or follow our news via
https://www.facebook.com/kubervillage/ or https://www.instagram.com/kubervillage/

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