Konnect HD – Konnect LLC

Konnect HD is the first live “bid/ask” marketplace where the focus is solely on the Heavy-Duty Truck Parts Industry. Buyer’s place bids on listings that they want to purchase, sellers place ask prices on parts they want to sell. When the buyer and seller agree on the price a transaction takes place automatically. From the financial transaction to the collection of sales taxes even the product shipment, the Konnect HD platform takes care of it all.

Types of parts that can be bought and sold on Konnect HD – if it can be found on a heavy duty truck or trailer, Konnect HD is the platform to buy or sell it on. We support all drivetrain parts, chassis parts, trailer parts, etc.

Features include:
– Sales history – The sales history data we provide our users with for every part on the platform removes the pricing volatility our industry is so accustomed to seeing.
– Shipping – The shipping process has been completely automated. We make it as simple as printing the auto generated shipping documents and attaching them to the package.
– Sales Tax – The recent Federal Sales Tax rulings have created new hurdles for selling into other states on e-commerce platforms. By automating the tax collection and remittance process, this is no longer a concern for our users.
– Getting Paid – Getting paid after a sale has never been easier than with our automated direct deposit system that goes straight to your bank account.

Buying and selling HD Truck parts has never been this easy! Download the app and get started today!