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Application Name: KO Ski club
Application Description:
One-stop multi-functional community service platform to solve the snow skiing needs, AppStore strongly recommended!
The ski masters have a good 5 stars, and the world’s ski lovers have a photo of friends.
Rich snow ski shop introduction, professional equipment evaluation, detailed and practical ski video tutorials, all in one.
Fashion labels, cool stickers, fantasy filter effects, let the photos force high and never fall, you are the NO.1 in the community
Meet new and old friends, snow flakes and we pick it up!

[skiing speed]
Record your speed and kilometers, but not responsible for collecting the envy of the opposite sex

[teaching video]
Single and double board systemized teaching video, action points explain, practice snow recommendation
[Graphic information]
The depth of the snow circle that you are looking forward to is good and the long dry goods are coming!

[ski community]
The great gods said: Since you have asked sincerely, I will tell you with great compassion that everything about skiing is like this.