Kidint English – Kidint


Kidint English develops digital books and other kinds of physical learning resources to teach English as a foreign language.

Our books include suggested pedagogical worksheets for teachers as well as small interactive challenges for children, which aim at nurturing four intelligences out of the nine described in the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner.

Our original content addresses a wide range of topics including living in community, diversity, inclusion, bullying prevention, etc. and is aligned with the educational curriculum so it is easy for teachers to do their classes’ planning.

Our apps include gamification so that children can earn new medals and badges as they read more and solve more challenges. Moreover, we give each classroom stuffed puppets and a medals board.

Altogether, they work as an effective motivational tool for teachers in their classroom. The apps at the school are complemented by an app for parents, which encourages precious family time while reading books at home. We offer parents access to great content for only a fraction of what they pay today for printed books.