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Kenzai Reboot

Note: this is only for the Reboot program only.

If you’re looking for a quick jumpstart to get you back in the fitness groove, Reboot is the program for you!

We’ve all been there. You get busy. You lose focus. The healthy exercise and eating habits you learned with Kenzai get wobbly… you need to get your head back in the game!

Reboot is a 4 week course designed for Kenzai alumni who know the basics of eating right and exercising smart. Working with a trainer and small group, you’ll quickly ramp up from an out-of-shape baseline to the smooth hum of a body that’s running clean.

Reboot is a complete mini program; daily lessons and workouts, weekly diets and photos, and your blog and team for motivation and support.

The goal of Reboot isn’t to get you ripped, it’s to have a very strict, on-point month where you reset the bar for yourself and get back into the steady rhythm of nutrition and exercise.

28 daily lessons will cover the pitfalls and opportunities of being an experienced trainee, introducing new training concepts and insights that would be over a beginner’s head.

From Reboot, you can transition into a sustained period on Kenzai Life or take on more advanced programs.