Jurassic Craft – Dino Fighting – Daria Zhdanova


Be an owner of a small genetic laboratory, restore dinosaurs from DNA samples, mix their genes to create the perfect beast and have fun!

All spawn of your fabric now inhabits the whole island, so you should try to create an ideal warrior to survive there! Check the correct combination of chromosomes, choose the dino rider and start the exploration game!

Play with dino genome – mix Triceratops, Velociraptor, Trex, and Ankylosaurus to get the perfect creature! Chase and hunt herbivores, or fight for your life against predators! Collect DNA and unlock new abilities like mighty jaws, razor sharp claws, mace on the tail, spikes, and other elements!

Earn points for each winning to improve your dinosaur even more, or unlock a new one! Try different riders – barbarian, gnome, archeologist, old scientist, cutie girl and others! Each of them uses different weapons – from fire gaff to the battleaxe, so choose wisely!

Gain the real power using different natural weapons and evolve successfully!

Jurassic Craft Dino Fighting features:
• Funny dino making laboratory simulator
• Large testing battleground for your pleasure
• Wide range of different natural weapons and riders
• Interesting types of genetic construction
• Addictive gameplay with simple and intuitive controls