Julliard – HUG Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève


Official audio guide for the open days at the Gustave Julliard Building

The Geneva University Hospitals, a university establishment recognized as a worldwide reference at the national and international levels, currently includes eight public hospitals and two clinics, Joli-Mont and Montana. They also provide 40 out-patient units, medical facilities spread throughout the canton of Geneva. Specifically, the H.U.G. centres of excellence are for hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders, cardiovascular disorders, oncology, musculoskeletal and sports medicine, geriatrics, genetic medicine and vaccinology. With a staff of 10,500, the H.U.G. provide hospital care to 60,000 patients every year, deal with nearly 100,000 emergencies, see 1 million people for consultations or as out-patients, and perform 26,000 surgical operations.

The Gustave Julliard building was planned in accordance with the latest developments in hospital design. It mainly consists of care units – 15 in all, with 188 one and two-bed patient rooms. It also houses operating suites and intensive care beds.

The H.U.G. are grateful for the support of the Tribune de Genève, their media partner for these open days.

Audioguide produced by: Texetera