jourfixed – Mojoule LLC

Introducing jourfixed – the app that can provide your team with a complete telephony system usually reserved for large companies – or organizations that administer all phone subscriptions for its employees through one operator.

Most organizations are not like that. Within a few minutes jourfixed will provide:
– Phone queues – to your various units (e.g. sales, administration, support), using the phone numbers your team members prefer to use.
– Automatic switchboard, using voice recognition or number menus – to connect to the various departments or individuals
– As many phone conferences that you would like. The best part: These are easy to reach for everyone, without requiring participants to install any app. Just dial a phone number and enter the code that you have set up.

This service is available for businesses, organizations and private teams/families that want to coordinate their voice calls in a better way – at competitive prices.