JORK – Mihkel Maesaar


JORK is simple but efficient AI. JORK’s sole purpose of existence is to divide all the people in the world in two – the Jenners and the Kardashians. Are you more like the Jenners or do you look like the Kardashians? – JORK to the rescue! JORK will give you the answer you have been looking for all your life! You can share the results within the app on social media using #JORK.

Free version includes:
*JORK with basic capabilities;
*JORK will tell you if you look like the Jenners or the Kardashians

Full versions offers:
*JORK with extended capabilities;
*JORK will tell you if you look like the Jenners or the Kardashians;
*JORK will also tell you if you look like Kylie, Kendall, Kim, Kourtney or Khloe;
*Advertisement free experience.

JORK is created only for recreational purposes. Additionally it does NOT provide any warranty. The use of this app is strictly under user’s own resposibility and any damages that it may cause is no subject to any compensation. JORK collects no personal information! As live preview classification is computationally extensive and puts a pressure on the battery the app will not run on the background. Predictions will improve the less you move. The app is free to download, but supported by advertisements. EEA users will be prompted under GDPR regulations and can revoke consent any time which makes app unusable. For other regions personalized ads from Google AdMob are served under Google’s policies. To stop the ads you can purchase full version with all the features or uninstall the app. By using this app you consent to our privacy policy. Enjoy the app!