Jaegar Tech – Jaegar Tech Sdn Bhd

The Jaegar Tech Smart Home and Smart Care app is a complete smart home and smart care control system. It connects smart devices, like doorbells, locks, cameras, sensors, smoke detectors, health devices, and more into a single, intuitive user interface.
The Jaegar Tech app eliminates the need to switch between different apps and enables smart home devices to interact. The app will simplify your life and free up your time.

With the Jaegar Tech app and related products you can:
Manage your smart home and set rules and moods
Arm and disarm your house
Optimize home ambience, like temperature, light, colour, humidity
Manage the energy consumption of connected smart devices
See and communicate with front-door visitors and remotely unlock your door
Get mobile alerts when devices are triggered, e.g. if your parents have fallen or are pressing an SOS alert, or if someone is trying to break in through a window
Make sure the kids are safe at school or has arrived home