iWedd – Picture app


Rooting around in clutter for paper to write down all the 100 and 1 things running through your mind whilst planning a wedding? iWedd can help you organise, share & gather ideas for your special day. A virtual wedding planner in your pocket!

iWedd is a smart wedding planning tool with a incredible social media platform! Not to mention the features which will make life easier and more organised.

Iwedd is here to help and support bride and grooms every step of the way to your special day!

Our app is also designed for vendors in the wedding trade. Email us today to see how you can advertise your business and help bride and grooms make their day that more memorable.

if you have any questions/concerns or would like to know more please feel free to email us at ….. or message us via the app.

Start your wedding planning with the download of iWedd.