ITV Ice Experience application is a tool for hospitality professionals, industry, health, consultants and designers that need to know the different ice machines ranges and find the perfect ice for their establishment.

Select the type of ice that you need (ice cube, granular ice, nugget or flake) and discover the ITV ice machines that best suit your needs. Download and print the specification sheets and know more about the technical features, functionalities and advantages of each ice machine to choose the most suitable for your business.

You can also consult different cocktail recipes to surprise your customers with the best combinations and with the most transparent and highest quality ice on the market.

Learn more about ITV Ice Makers, a leading company ice machine producer. Its production is present all over the world, with a real market in more than 100 countries. Our main distinguishing features are the reliability and quality of the product, our excellent after sales service and the commitment to sustainability.

Live the Ice For Life spirit.