Ithra Kids – Aramco Services Company

Discover the Book of Codes, a mythical book written by ancient civilizations of the universe. The sacred book holds secrets and diverse knowledge about our world, and has been kept safe for thousands of years… until now.
It is your mission to collect the missing pages of the book by playing fun mini-games, and earning a page of the Book of Codes for each game you complete. Through the journey of completing the Book of Codes, you and your children will gain the universe’s utmost secrets while learning important skills: perseverance and hard work.
This learning adventure is based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Art subject areas that support universal learning curriculum for ages 6 to 11 and above with relevant themes.
The Ithra Learn App is your new adventure, it will enrich and encourage your children’s learning skills through exciting adventures.
In support of cultural exchange and education, this app is published by Aramco Associated Services Company at the request of its parent company, Saudi Aramco. Additional information is on file with the DOJ in Washington, D.C.