IssYoga – Rakesh Prajapati

Issyoga is a divine process of subtle meditation for the manifestation of one’s own divinity latent within him, to make him free from tension and disease and to unite him with the ambrosial source of eternal peace , bliss and the supreme lord for his salvation in this very body. All the major religions of the world have accepted the existence of the supreme being – the all powerful , all pervading, indestructible, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God – who creates, sustains and destroys. All of them believe that the main purpose of the human life is to ultimately merge with that supreme lord. Issyoga shows the way how to achieve this ultimate objective of uniting with the supreme lord while living a tension free, healthy and blissful life. It teaches and energizes the seekers to practice the subtle internal meditational process for one’s physical, mental and spiritual well being. The main objectives of Issyoga are:

Liberation from spiritual, supernatural and physical agony

Redemption and salvation of mankind

Realization of self and God

Freedom from disease and tension

Attainment of eternal peace and bliss

Service to entire humanity by the projection of divine light of love, compassion and goodwill