IposVision – Zoran Albu


IposVision is an app created for optical stores.
Why choose IposVision? Because you can execute POS operation directly from your device, without needing to buy a cash register. The operations are more intuitive and easy, so you will avoid long sales lines at your register. With IposVision you get the power and functionality of a traditional POS system integrated in a flexible hand held device.

The app comes with the following features:

* Create, modify and delete contacts
* Create and modify clinical statuses
* Create appointments
* Create and modify orders
* Execute different operations on orders (require advance payment, notify the customer when a product is ready to be picked up, …)
* Sell products from shopping cart. For each product you can modify the price, the size and/or the color.
* Scan barcodes (product barcode, receipt barcode, customer’s health card)
* Show reports of sales and orders

At every sale the app prints a receipt and/or an invoice. The invoice can also be sent by email.
The app handles many payment types, including credit and debit card processing using either Ingenico payment terminals or SumUp.