IntelliH – Anil Joshi

IntelliH is a comprehensive, multi-disease patient engagement platform. The IntelliH system of engagement provides a highly personalized approach to patient care. Remote patient monitoring is enabled by wireless IoT devices, mobile Health Apps, High definition video-based collaboration, secure text, notifications and, smart alerts. These tools equip care teams to engage with each other and with patients and providers.

*  IntelliH app aggregates patient data either from devices or via manual input – Allows a user to measure and record Glucose, blood pressure, weight, activity and other factors using iHealth wireless devices, as well as manual entries.
* The App displays data from vitals, activity, diet, medications, goals, care plans, personal assessments, and disease-specific customizable questionnaires
* Patients can interact with their care teams via secure Text, Health tweets as well as high definition Video.
* Track Diet – Either search from available food database or enter a Customs food item by taking pictures of that food item
* Trend charts for different factors, diet & activity View logs with details of the measurement, including timestamp and date
* Record all your medicines including insulin and check the medication compliance
* IntelliH helps to manage your medications. It lists all your medications, dose information and the frequency of intake as well as tracks compliance through reminders as well as alerts.
* The app helps user to sync their activity data from Health Kit (Health app). It syncs the distance, steps and duration field using Health app
* View the Care Plan details set by your Care team
* Get analyzed reports from our intelligent system