Indiegamer VR – Joel Thiessen


It happens — a flurry of wires and headsets, excitement mounts as you plunge into your favorite game ready for some multiplayer action with virtual gamers around the world. And no-one is on. You’re alone.

Little did you know, just a few short minutes ago, someone else was looking to play. And about 30 seconds after you log off, more make the same attempt and meet the same sorrowful conclusion before logging off themselves.

Indiegamer brings you back together and puts you back in the game.

– Displays all Steam multiplayer VR games with current player counts.
– Subscribe to any game for instant notifications.
– Create instant sessions, notifying everyone subscribed that you’re ready to play.
– Schedule sessions, notifying all those subscribed of when you’ll be ready.
– Synchronizes across all time zones.
– Join any session to let others know you’re coming.
– Session comments.
– Login with your Steam credentials for instant access.

Much more to come…