Impossible Bus Driving Game – Naeem Ur Rehman


change gears, tap accelerator, and slide the heavy tires
steer your bus fast and do long jumps to park it on the right parking spot. this is the impossible tracks extreme bus simulator for the hard vehicles and bus parking lovers. change gears, tap accelerator, and slide the tire in spark fly for the high-speed racing and parking in the wooden street. multiple camera angles to drive smoothly on the impossible driving tracks. avoid falling from the high space tracks and drive extreme carefully. this game is not easy to learn for beginners and a complete challenge for those who love to face difficulties. as a vehicle driver, pick the passengers from the bus-stops and drive them to their destinations. test your driving skills by passing through heavy traffic and obstacles to prove that you are the best driver in the city. get ready to enjoy ultimate bus driving on sky roads by playing impossible bus tracks – driving games? impossible jumbo bus stunt riding game where you can drive amazing tourist buses on massive sky heights. riding and drifting an auto car is an easy task but driving a big coach bus is quite difficult.

challenging tracks top space stunt and parking
test your bus driving and transporting skills by driving on the challenging tracks. sit behind the wheels of the luxury euro bus drive it in the air on the containers and park it on the right parking slot. be the furious driver!! no need any speed driving, no need any crazy buses performing stunts, accelerate, race, drift, brake, turn as fast as you can in this simulation game. sky bus impossible tracks 3d is a game which take its users right between the sky on an adventurous wooden container tracks where he has to take the buses and vans full of passengers to its destination without putting their lives in danger. this is not an easy parking game like classic cars, trucks, or bike parking this more difficult hard then others game. no traffic and school for learning the driving. driving on the impossible tracks which is difficult for the driver to drive on these dangerous tracks because these tracks are in the sky drive like flying cars and your small mistake will destroy you & your car or bus. be careful while racing the bus to avoid impossible highway. dangerous bus track is hard driving game on roadway army scenario tracks of ramps in sky road. experience the real thrill when you drive a huge car in space environment. drive a large bus in top space and increase your driving expertise.

dozens of tremendous challenging missions
enjoy the top parking game with eye catching hd graphics, easy and smooth controls, interesting challenging missions, stunning people working animations and army helicopter scenario in the thunder adventure. the best parking simulator is having no violence or any mature content. start this impossible track driving mission which is difficult and almost create do and die situation when you are driving car bus or truck on the extreme dangerous tracks. e extreme challenging driving obstacles like walls, bricks, moving roads and rotating ramp tracks. all these driving hurdles are designed to train you as a expert driver so that driving on impossible tracks become possible for you. dozens of tremendous challenging levels go for the first level stunt against the top view park in the right spot. don’t touch any upcoming cars and crane avoid all the obstacles park the bus in the right place. completion of every level will give you some cash; use this cash to unlock more exciting missions and to buy more buses. this game is not boring like other driving games every mission is more challenging interesting from the previous one.