Implants ML – Better Search, LLC

Implants ML uses machine learning (artificial intelligence) to guess what dental implant system was used. You take a photo of the dental implant x-ray or pick one stored in your photos, and voila, Implants ML tells you the implant system and the accuracy of its guess. You can email or text the result to anyone or save it to your photos.

The Problem – It doesn’t work very well!!!

We do not have enough sample x-rays for the app to be accurate. So please do not rate this as junk. As dentists use Implants ML and submit more samples the accuracy will improve but for that to happen, we need your help.

How to help

Upload a bunch of implant x-rays to us. Press the upload button, take pictures of some implant cases you’ve completed, pick out the implant system used and submit the upload to us.

Hopefully, together we can create an accurate app with the largest implant database.