iMoneySaver – Yusif Aliyev


Everyone saves up for one thing or another, but not everyone gets to their goal. Some people just give up and spend all the money they saved because they don’t believe in success. One of the main reasons is that when they save up for something they just don’t see the progress they’ve made and they feel unmotivated. I tried to solve this problem for a long time. And I did. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you: iMoneySaver.

iMoneySaver is a brand new app that will help you to keep track of the progress that you make when you save up for something. While seeing the progress you will stay motivated and most likely won’t give up.

By purchasing iMoneySaver you’ll get:
– One time purchase: buy once, no additional purchases or ads;
– A very simple, yet functional app: no complex operations and difficult to understand design features. Everything is clean and simple.
– A very convenient search through your wish list: you can search for a certain item in your list typing its name or any word from its description.
– A simple calculator for managing your savings: no need to use decimals. Let’s face it, if something costs $0.99 everyone counts it as $1.
– A progress bar for each item: each item card in your wish list has a progress ring. It is very simple and motivating.
– And much more: there are a lot of small features in this app, so you can discover them on your own.