iFun Learning For Kids – Sudha Rani

iFun Learning for kids is the best basics app for kids. This app make kids more smarter. The features of the app is as below

1) Kids can learn about their basic math education.

2) There is small quiz for kids. So that they can learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

3) Kids can learn about numbers and count from 1 to 100 and reverse number from 100 to 1.

4) Kids can learn about shape and symbols of mathematics with images. They can know about types of lines.

5) Neat and clean design make app easy to use.

6) Kids can learn about tables from 1 to 100.

7) White board is available there so that kids can practice their tasks. Kids can save their work as image in gallery.

8) Kids can learn about fruits name, vegetables name, animals name, birds name.

9) You can come know about continents and months of the year.

This is the best app for your kids to learn more easy and smartly with fun. Hope you like the app. Enjoy :).