IBSF World Championship 2017 – Jignesh Anghan


The IBSF World Championships (originally named the FIBT World Championships until 2015), part of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation, have taken place on an annual basis in non-Winter Olympic years since 1930. A two-man event was included in 1931 with a combined championship occurring in 1947. Men’s skeleton was introduced as a championship of its own in 1982 while women’s bobsleigh and skeleton events were introduced in 2000. Both the women’s bobsleigh and skeleton events were merged with the men’s bobsleigh events at the 2004 championships. A mixed team event, consisting of one run each of men’s skeleton, women’s skeleton, 2-man bobsleigh, and 2-women bobsleigh debuted in 2007.

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