Hyperspace: Universal Profile – Swop Inc

These are the dimensions of Hyperspace:

1. Profile
You control your digital first impression.

You can share your contact information (with permission), social channels, and your best and most relevant content with others in one universal profile. Create custom tabs to tell your story the way you want.

It’s just like your own free website, and lots more!

2. Contact Info & Hypersyncing
You now control who has your contact information.

When a connection updates their phone number, email, or even their profile photo, Hyperspace will automagically Hypersync (update) their new information in your contacts.

It’s like a follow request for your contact book. Crazy right?!

3. Content
You now control how your content is seen.

All original content you share on Hyperspace is just as it is on the web, you own it. You can embed photos, videos, and links from your other platforms or add native content. Imagine if you could embed a YouTube video on Instagram, or a blog post, or both.

Break free from the confines of individual networks. There are no creative boundaries.

Basically we merged websites, contact sharing, and your social media presence into one thing, and you control every aspect. It’s a win, win, win…win.

Use Hyperspace to:

*Brand yourself and create a digital first impression for others to discover, connect with, and meaningfully follow you online.
*Instantly connect in person or across the globe.
*Share your contact info (privately, with permission).
*Instantly request and receive friends’/colleagues’ phone numbers, emails, etc. into your contact book with a click of a button.
*Hypersync your existing contacts to stay up to date with any changes to their phone number, email, profile pics, etc. in your contact book.
*Effortlessly channel your entire online presence (social media, blogs, websites, etc.) into one searchable profile.
*Use tabs to customize your profile and create unique sections (like a website) to design the space you need.
*Easily embed photos, videos, links, etc. from other platforms.
*Create native free-form content (any combination of text, photos, videos, music, links, etc.). Choose which tab to display it in.
*Search others’ profiles to seamlessly view and connect with their entire online presence.
*Find and discover anyone by name or through their published content.
*Follow others to see the new and relevant content they publish to their Hyperspace profiles in the future.
*Beautifully share your Hyperspace profile with others through Facebook, Instagram, text message, etc.

Limited & Meaningful Push (External) Notifications:
*When your contact/friends join Hyperspace and their info is Hypersynced into your contact book.
*When someone is requesting your phone number, email, etc.
*When someone approves your phone number, email, etc. request.
*When a Hypersynced friend updates their contact info and it is automagically changed in your contact book.

In-App (Internal) Notifications:
*When someone follows you.
*When someone you follow changes/adds new content to their profile.