Humanity Mobile for Employees – Humanity Inc.


The Humanity mobile app is a completely redesigned companion app to the world-class employee scheduling and management software of the same name.

While the focus of Humanity is fast and accurate employee scheduling, the platform itself offers much more for businesses of all sizes. It enables companies to manage just about every facet of their organizations; from creating and publishing employee schedules, to keeping track of time and attendance, managing leave requests, communicating internally, analyzing KPIs, and much more.

Using the new mobile app, employees are able to stay in the loop and connect more easily with their workplace and colleagues.

The app has been completely revamped! It’s immaculately designed, fast, highly intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

Humanity Mobile serves the needs of employees with two different modules within it: Schedule and Time Clock.

• Schedule: See all your shifts so that you always know when you are scheduled to work. Get detailed summaries of your shifts, so you know when, where and with whom you are working.

• Timeclock: Clock in and out of your shifts from your mobile device. Confirm your clock locations using GPS. Enter tips, notes, positions and locations into your clock times. View your cumulative time clock history and daily reports. Enter your time clock information manually if you have forgotten to clock in or out at the beginning or end of a shift.

The mobile app is free for all Humanity users.