Hub Life Social – Brad Morehouse

Create your own world on Hub. If you want to connect and have fun with friends and family, or meet new people, then Hub is for you. You have a voice, so write a blog, follow a page, or create a group with like-minded people. At Hub, you can share your dreams, experiences, and ideas with the world.

Over 1.9 million people were banned or censored on social media in 2018 for sharing their political or religious beliefs. Channels that had thousands of viewers just vanished because Facebook, Twitter and YouTube enforced their own political agenda.

Here are the key features that sets Hub apart from the rest.
– Hub supports free speech. Posting a banner about profile will not get you banned like Facebook does.
– Hub will NOT use computer algorithms to favor a political post/agenda like Facebook does.
– Facebook uses key words that will block your post based on their narrative. Hub does not! Group creators are the only one who can decide what is unappropriated.Based on the severity, Hub only blocks/bans profanity, nudity or viscous death threats in order to keep a family friendly community.
– Group admins will be able to decide who joins and who gets blocked. YOU will be in complete control of YOUR own communities without fear of being blocked or losing control of your groups while awaiting to “get out of jail”.
– User data will not be tracked and sold.
– Basic decency will be used to determine what is a “bad post” when one is reported NOT whether you follow a narrative.
– We will NOT suggest how to think politically.
– We will NOT suspend you for sharing the idea of personal liberty.
– Your personal messages will always be YOUR personal messages.
– You don’t have to be politically correct. Just be kind with your words.
– Hub follows a PG13 standard which allows Hub to be a family friendly platform.