House of Allure – House of Allure Beauty and Spa llc

About House of Allure

House of Allure Beauty & Spa is a luxury beauty salon and spa located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, UAE. We pride in providing the highest level of customer service standards to our clients and have created the perfect retreat for women to feel cared for and carefree.

With its warm, luxury and sophisticated ambiance, this is the perfect place for you to feel pampered and to indulge in an amazing experience, providing exclusive beauty & spa services with our highly trained professionals and unique selection of home care products chosen carefully to fulfill our client’s needs.
Our salon and spa offers a variety range of treatments and services including Hair, Makeup, Nails, Moroccan & Turkish Baths, Facial Treatments, Massages, Waxing, Eyelash Services, Makeovers and More.

If you are looking for top notch quality of services, unique and finest retail brands, HOUSE OF ALLURE Beauty & Spa is the right place for You.