Hoobuys – Larry Kohlieber


Social friends App. Track & monitor who paid for lunch or for dinner. Create Lunch and Dinner groups, study buddies, party buddies! Create your own buddy lists for hoobuys. In a hurry? we have you hooked up! Track your movie buddies, golf buddies or any other thing you may do with your friends! With bill split calculator and get in-app notifications.

Create a login, add your contacts to your lunch, dinner, game, church, party or brunch groups! Then enter the group by tapping in the icon, select names, type a quick note, set the date and time and tap ‘Invite’. If your friends have the app, they will receive an in-app notification. When you are done eating, golfing, gaming, select who paid, what the split could be or, who paid! It will go immediately to group history!

The record of who paid last is in the group page. On the upper right it will show hoo paid last. Tap the history icon and get a running list… see whos been holding out. Need to re-call a notification? Tap the menu and view notification history. Setup your profile picture and settings.

hoobuys started with a conversation of familiy and friends of who picked the place to eat lunch after church one day a few years ago, we had to remember in a note pad or in our phone memo. So lately, recalling many, many times in the past of who teed off last, paid for a show, covered the bill for dinner, got the cover charge at the club, the party, paid for the taxi, etc. Then hearing friends discuss time after time, who paid for lunch last motivated us to start the app, the hoobuys app!

This app will be growing and adding features as our user base grows. We have plans to get additional features with increased use. A lot of exciting things to come.