Hiragana writing order & sound – KANA NISHI


I am offering this application for preschool children in Japan, but I think that you can use it meaningfully for foreigners who are supposed to want to study Japanese.

You can learn “Hiragana” fun with writing order (animation), sound, quizzes.

Originally intended for pre-school Japanese children from 2 to 5 years old so make it simple without putting an explanation in the application so that you can study the function by appropriate tap operation It is.

While drawing the order of writing with this application, learning in correct writing order becomes very fast by actually writing on paper with a pen.

– Supplement –
The sound comes out so that all the functions make children enjoyable.
However, in some cases I think that it will be annoying around, and turning off the volume when starting the application.
If you can use it with sound, please use it after tapping the button at the bottom right of the top screen three times in a row and setting the volume though it is sorry to trouble you.
The reason for this specification is that I wanted for children themselves to make it impossible to change the volume.