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Hill Reporter is a digital media platform for a liberal audience. We are focused on delivering factually-based stories that matter to Democrats and Independents.

Our team of journalists and editors provide breaking news stories, editorial posts, and other information that surrounds national and international politics and general societal interests.

HillReporter.com is currently focused on the following topics of interest.

News – General news about politics that affect every American.

Politics – Stories at the heart of the Washington establishment.

Military & Defense – From military spending to ongoing conflicts. We cover it all.

Social Issues – Racism. Bigotry. Attacks Against Personal Views. Call it what you want and we cover it.

Religion – From Constitutional Rights to personal choices. We cover sensitive matters of religion.

Economics – Stories that affect your pocketbook are explored.

World – Political stories that affect the United States’ standing with the world.

Science – Environmental concerns, attacks against science, and more.

Opinion – Because we all have opinions we use this section to separate our personal views from the news.