Hiking Around Aurillac – EASY-MOUNTAIN


The country of Aurillac will charm you by the diversity of its landscapes, from Puy Mary to the borders of the Aveyron, it is the ideal framework to indulge in the practice of the hike.
It is a very simple application to take in hand, even without technical knowledge, for all hikers from beginners to experienced.
This app allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a hiking GPS. No need for internet connection! Download in one click the course of your choice before departure and access all the infos embedded on your mobile from any place. Throughout the hike, you will be guided by directional arrows and cultural or natural points of interest.
Rando around Aurillac, it is:
– A route guidance to the starting point of your hike;
– A choice of itineraries according to simple criteria: duration, level of difficulty, geolocation;
– Voice guidance in real time with changes of direction;
– an alert if you leave the initial trail;
– An alert when you arrive on a point of interest: the heritage, the fauna, the flora, the points of view …;
– Routes usable without an Internet network;
– A safe ride: a single button to call help when needed with geo positioning and a display of GPS coordinates to facilitate their arrival;
– A participatory application: you can note the hikes, give your opinion for a continuous improvement of the application.
Be careful, remember to charge your mobile before each ride. Indeed, this application uses GPS in the background continuously, it can significantly reduce the battery life of your device.