Highlight Cover Maker – IG Pro – Adrian Henriksen

Enjoy the best cover creator for your Instagram featured stories. An all-in-one tool with a host of different categories from which to choose all kinds of icons, images and backgrounds to personalize your IG profile and stand out from the rest of your fans. With Highlight Cover Maker you can use pre-set designs or use build mode to let your imagination run wild and make your own creations by combining colors, text, backgrounds, images and more.


Without a doubt, having in your IG profile the Highlight Cover featured for stories with personalized and unique icons will improve your account engagement, increasing the number of views of your publications, your followers for free as well as the people who interact with your content in this well-known social network.


All users who download our Featured Story Creation App and create covers with text and backgrounds, can use – for free – the creator mode as follows:

Choose a wallpaper or a color
Press the center circle to align the image
Select the icon you want to place and that’s it

That’s how easy it is to create your own cover for Instagram stories.


It has more than 150 predefined images/templates/logos.
Creator mode to make your own featured story icons.
Simple and intuitive interface.
Icons separated by categories: Basic, Fashion, Elegant, Animals, Vehicles, Food, Gastronomy, Fitness, Sports, Leisure, Party, Travel, Lifestyle, Watercolor…
Lightweight size for downloading from any location
It’s totally free, no subscription or payment required.
TextArt mode so you can write your own story texts.
With this application you will only have to choose your favorite design from all the categories, select the font with the text editor and create your own templates / logos easily from a single app.

Finally, note that the app will be updated weekly to offer new content, categories and features so you can enjoy the best iOS Featured Highlight Story Editor for both iPhone and iPad devices.